A Place to Shed my Skin

A Widow’s Journey.

I am starting a blog to document my journey as a young widow and mother. I want a place to help both myself navigate this “new normal,” that may never feel normal, and others trying to do the same.

I am 37 years old. On my 36th birthday I woke up to the worst gift I will hopefully ever receive, a dead husband. I was left alone with two young children. A 4 year old son, and an 8 year old daughter. My life as I knew it ended that day. I was born yet again on August 3rd, 2019. This time with a much different story than 36 years before. I am now a little over a year into my grief journey, and trying desperately to get to know the new me.

I would like to share with others the obstacles I have faced, the sorrows, the joys (yes there is light in all the darkness), and the challenges. I want to discuss grief, solo parenting, addiction, hope, support, my personal growth journey, and anything else. I hope that I can help others feel less alone in such a lonely place. I want others to know, even though our stories are totally different, we share something others don’t. The feeling of loss and grief. I intend to be open and willing to share, so if you have anything you want to know about my journey please ask.

I would love to work with other young widows and mothers who are trying to rebuild their own lives. I would love to help you find the rainbow after the storm. Let you know you can find your way out. Please let me know how I can help you.

Published by Widowmama

I am a young widow, and mother of 2 young children. I currently stay at home, and I am learning to navigate life through a worldwide pandemic, as an unemployed solo parent. Bring it on 2020!

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