Signs from our loved ones can be a powerful thing. There are some so unexplainable you just can not deny them. Today my daughter and I got to witness a sign so strong, Jason could have personally delivered it to us.

On the way to school today my son started asking questions. It was the usual questions. Why did Daddy take those drugs? Why did he take to many drugs? Are drugs illegal? These questions and answers continued all the way to school. My daughter, almost 11 now, sat quietly listening in her seat. When I pulled up to drop them off I noticed the tears swelling in her eyes. I sent my son off to school and kept my daughter in the car to go grab some breakfast and talk. Jason has been gone over 2 years now, and I think she is starting to process it more and more the older she gets. She misses him more and more each day.

On our way to breakfast we talked about grief, crying, emotions, therapy, Jason, me, her, and signs. At one point in the conversation I asked her “do you ever talk to Daddy?” she looked at me in a way that said “huh??????” I then went on to explain how sometimes I talk to Daddy. I tell him what the kids are up to, I ask him questions, I have conversations in my mind with him. I then told her sometimes he sends me signs. Little hellos that let me know he is still very present in my life. Whenever I see these signs I tell him I love him, and thank him. I ask him to continue sending me signs, and let him know I appreciate them. She sort of lit up during this part of the conversation. Thinking of times she has felt his presence and now realizing it very well could have been him.

Well this conversation continued through breakfast and all the way back to school. When we got back to school I parked the van to walk her in. As soon as we started walking towards the school right there on the ground was a koozie with the words “happiness jones”. Why would those words mean so much? Well our last name is Jones we both knew immediately he was sending us a sign and telling us to be happy, and that he was happy. We were both thrilled and blown away to receive this gift from him. It was a beautiful moment, and I am so grateful we got to experience it. Grief may become more manageable, but it is always there. Signs like these help heal and give comfort. So today I encourage you to find comfort in the signs, and talk to your loved ones who have passed. You never know what they may send you.

Published by Widowmama

I am a young widow, and mother of 2 young children. I currently stay at home, and I am learning to navigate life through a worldwide pandemic, as an unemployed solo parent. Bring it on 2020!

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