Chapter 2

Chapter 2 was never a term I had heard, outside of a book, until I became a widow. So much new terminology to learn. So from what I’ve gathered chapter 2 means the second person that’s meant for you. Is it possibly to have a second partner after a loss? Is it possible to formContinue reading “Chapter 2”

Solo Parent

Solo parent is a term I had never heard of until I became one. It’s much different than a single parent. I’ve never been a single parent so I don’t truly know the struggles of a single parent. I can imagine what I think it would be like, but that’s as good as it canContinue reading “Solo Parent”

What Could You Do For Thirty Days?

Well I haven’t been shy about letting you know alcohol has been a great coping mechanism, and escape for me the past 14 months. In fact it got to where it was way too easy of a crutch. Of course like a lot of people covid made drinking even more enjoyable, and more “necessary” toContinue reading “What Could You Do For Thirty Days?”

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

A quote by Chuck Palahniuk, from Fight Club I just heard the other day, and it hit super close to home. So what have I done with my life now that the life I knew is over. The slate was theoretically wiped clean, and I get to rebrand myself. I get to become whoever IContinue reading ““It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.””